Unexpected outcome of an Upskirt

Written by Wendy & sgerotica [tumblr]

This story has been modified to correct grammatical errors and enhance the overall flow of the story. Please enjoy :)

Let me introduce myself. I am a rather popular guy, from a decent school. I look attractive enough, athletic and tanned. I, like many other guys, enjoyed the occasional flirtations with cute girls but I always wanted to remain free from obligations. thus resorting to internet porn for release.

My personal fetish of toned, slender legs and short skirts always gets me off off-guard. JC girls in uniform especially. Especially those who posses well-developed figures and short, fitting skirts. The picture above is one of my favourites, needless to say, my focus is on the girl on the left.

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What a night

From sgerotica.tumblr.com

“Damn, you weren’t kidding when you said your skirt was invisible!”

“Like it?” I yelled back, flipping the hem. I couldn’t flip it much—it was one of my shortest, cream-colored, a halter dress, if you could call so little material a dress, with a plunging neckline, completely backless. I wore a silver armband with it and my hair was up—it was too hot to dance with my hair down.

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My older sister looks young doesn’t she? [Part 4]

Submitted by DanielT

I chucked in my mind, plotting for the attack.

[Part 4]
The weather was gruesomely hot with the car park not any near our sight, my sister started looking at me with her wet eyes.

“Dear can you please piggy-back me? I am so tired after taking care of your welfare.” She grumbled and smiled with her perfect teeth afterwards, it made it so hard for me to reject her.

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My older sister looks young doesn’t she? [Part 3]


Submitted by DanielT

“Get some sleep, it ain’t over just yet.”

[Part 3]
“Wakey-wakey sleepy head, your morning wood is too obvious”, I open my eyes with my visions blurred, in front of me was my cute sister lying on the bed in a cute flora skirt attacking on my hard-on. It was like how she would suck a Chupa Chups while we were younger.

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The Horny Tutor

From sgerotica.tumblr.com

Alex wasn’t quite sure why his parents had insisted upon engaging a tutor for him. For Alex the whole thing was a mystery, considering he was already a straight A student in school except for History where he could never break the B ceiling. His pleas to his parents that he didn’t need a tutor went unheeded and his parents persisted in their strange idea. What could he say, I guess they really were kiasu after all and wanted him to get As in everything.

Alex stopped complaining about getting a tutor as soon as he met her. The girl his parents hired, Chloe, was petite with apple size breasts, a tight ass, and long slim legs.

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My older sister looks young doesn’t she? [Part 2]

Submitted by DanielT

“That’s only round 1.” Tez hinted. “You better get some rest. Replenish your fluids. There’s more to come tonight.”

[Part 2]
While walking back to the villa, we were so engrossed with each other presence on the way back that we failed to realise the “hidden rock” on the floor. The next thing we know, Tessa was on the floor with her toes bleeding. “Dumbo”, I giggled, “seems like I got to be your older brother for today.” I carried her up with her firm ass resting on my arms.

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My older sister looks young doesn’t she? [Part 1]

From sgsexstories.tumblr.com

[Part 1]
My older sister looks young doesn’t she? She is actually 22 years old already. Her name is Tessa while mine is Greg. I always called her Tez. It was vacation month, and I had just graduated from poly. I always yearned to get closer to her, she is so pretty and seductive. However, I never fantasized that our relationship would take a naughty turn, till now.

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